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375 Invajy Quotes which will provoke your thoughts and mind

Invajy, the famous inspirer has given some of best inspirational quotes to us which motivate to move forward in life. Looking for Inspirational quotes Invajy? Here are famous Invajy Quotes, which will provoke your thoughts and mind.

Invajy Quotes

  1. “Like a kite courageous person always rises and achieves new highs going against the wind.” – Invajy

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  1. “The bond, which is 9 months older than my birth cannot be broken by any other relation.” – Invajy

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  1. Family is the biggest support system in the times of trouble.” – Invajy

Family Quote

  1. Compassion and daily acts of kindness make life far meaningful and fulfilling” – Invajy

compassion quotes by Invajy

  1. “Books are hidden treasures, explore them and become rich.” – Invajy

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  1. Effective teamwork is the collaboration; where same vision, values, and goals drive the team members.” –Invajy

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  1. “In team diversified people contribute with their individual ideas, making impossible a possible task.” – Invajy

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  1. “Die with good memories, not with unfulfilled dreams.” – Invajy

Memories Quotes

  1. Live life in a way, so that you remain in the memories of everyone.” – Invajy

Memories Quotes

  1. “Forgive yourself , again and again, as many times as it takes to find peace of mind.” – Invajy

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Invajy Quote

  1. Gratitude, compassion and kindness are pillars to make you a better person.” – Invajy

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  1. “The path of spirituality passes through struggles and sufferings.” – Invajy

Spiritualism Quotes by Invajy

  1. Move on. Where there is a hope, there is a way.” – Invajy

Move On Quotes

  1. “If you are exploring truth of life, explore the present moment. Living in the present moment is the only truth of life.” – Invajy

Zen Quotes

  1. “When everything else tells you to “give up,” hope whispers try it one more time.” – Invajy

hope quotes

  1. “Learn from set back and comeback is my habit” – Invajy
  2. “Failure is giving up and not trying further. Keep on trying to reach your goalis part of success.” – Invajy
  3. “On Thursday, I can smell the weekend.”– Invajy
  4. “Never stop reading; best learning is yet to come.” – Invajy
  5. “Every time I read the same book again, I learn something new.” – Invajy

Quotes by Invajy

  1. Teamwork endow with great learning opportunities.” –Invajy
  2. “Smiling is the best way to face every problem, to crush every fearand to hide every pain.” – Invajy
  3. “Never feel regret for your own decisions. If, you will not respect your own decisions, who else will?” – Invajy
  4. “Your silence hurt me more than your words.” – Invajy
  5. “I know how to love you, but not how to stop loving you.” – Invajy
  6. “Life is like a mirror – it will smile back at you if you smile towards it.” – Invajy
  7. “To experience true happiness, two things are essential: zero expectations and let go attitude.” – Invajy
  8. “What you do in the first couple of hours after you wake up in the morning is a firm indicator of not only the quality of the day you’re going to have but by extension, the quality of your entire life.” – Invajy
  9. “Always Keep in mind that it’s usually in your best interest to forgive people.” – Invajy
  10. “Achievements of today are the stepping stones for the future ones.” – Invajy

Invajy Quotes about Life

  1. “You must smile. Is life really that serious which stops you to smile?” –Invajy
  2. “When life hits me hard, I always try to find a reason to smile.” – Invajy
  3. “Failing to attempt is biggest failure of life.” – Invajy
  4. “Everyone needs challenges in life to develop resilience.” – Invajy
  5. “There is no such thing as failure. It’s a life lesson for future” –Invajy
  6. “I do not need any guru; life has been teaching me greatest lessons.” – Invajy
  7. “People spend whole life looking for gurus, trying to learn from the experts, and seeking out those who seemingly have the answers to their questions, but what we often overlook is that the answers are there all along.” – Invajy
  8. “When you suffer in life – be vigilant. Life is trying to teach a lesson.” –Invajy
  9. “The bookof life teaches you a new lesson when you read it backwards.” – Invajy
  10. “A lesson learned from suffering becomes a lifelong lesson.” –Invajy

Invajy Quotes

  1. “Another day, another morning, another blessing and another chance to live the life fully. Do not take anything for granted and think of every breath as a gift.” – Invajy
  2. “Rise up, it’s a new day, start fresh and see the bright opportunity in each day.” – Invajy
  3. “Smile is one of my prized possessions.” – Invajy
  4. “Whenever you have tough time in life, have patience and work hard. Once overcome the obstacles, look back and always have last winning smile.” –Invajy
  5. “Have you bring smile on someone’s face today? Do it and see the difference in your life.” – Invajy 
  6. “Smile is magnet, it attracts happiness towards it.” – Invajy 
  7. ”Everyone comes on this earth crying, the real man goes from this earth smiling.” –Invajy 
  8. “When you overcome the obstacles, always look back and analyse – did that problem really worth that amount of anxiety?” – Invajy
  9. “There are no scales to measure relationships, care tells how much weight is…” – Invajy
  10. “Life teaches you a new lesson every day, if you are attentive enough in the class of life.” – Invajy

Mental Health Quotes by Invajy

  1. “Anxiety is a brain game. If you don’t allow an anxious feeling to begin, you don’t need to get rid of it.” – Invajy
  2. “Awareness of mental health issues is still a biggest challenge across the globe.” – Invajy
  3. “Constant loneliness is emotionally lameness and it might even damage both your physical as well as mental health.” – Invajy
  4. “We need to train more people on Mental Health First Aid.” – Invajy
  5. Mindfulness is secret of effective self-care. It augments mental well-being and reduces mental illness.” – Invajy
  6. “Mental health issues need to be discussed more openly in society; people must come out of social stigma.” – Invajy
  7. “Your mental and physical health are closely linked.” – Invajy
  8. “You have mental illness until you feel you can come out of this.” – Invajy
  9. “You have to accept – ‘YES I have depression’ instead of denying; before you can learn to understand and alter its hold over your mind.” – Invajy
  10. “Your daily routine, diet, and lifestyle changes may be a game changer in your depression recovery.” – Invajy

Positive Invajy Quotes

  1. Happening Good things may not make you positive. You have to be positive. And, when you’re positive, good things are bound to happen.”– Invajy
  2. “Positive Self-Talk, Gratitude and physical fitness helps to control anxiety.” – Invajy
  3. “Being optimistic creates hope and promotes resilienceI know that staying positive during unfavorable times can be difficult, but maintaining a hopeful and positive outlook is an critical part of resiliency.” – Invajy
  4. “An early-morning positive self-talk is a blessing which sets up the tone for the upcoming positive day.” – Invajy
  5. “In depression, support creates hope. Recovery becomes a lot quicker, if someone let down a rope.” – Invajy
  6. “Train your mind to see positive in every situation and be grateful for that.” – Invajy
  7. “Smile Often, think positively, express gratitude, laugh loudly, love others, spread compassion and dream big.” – Invajy
  8. “Achievements are a result of hard work, determination and constant efforts with positive attitude.” – Invajy
  9. “Repeating positive morning affirmations every day can transform your thought patterns and mental attitudes.” – Invajy
  10. “With positive attitude you become optimistic about situations, interactions, and yourself.” – Invajy

Invajy Quotes

  1. “Anxiety is not what you experience, it’s how you how you perceive and respond to the problems.” – Invajy
  2. “Almost everything for which I felt anxious has never turned into a reality.” – Invajy
  3. “Try to understand paradoxical unity or duality of life. There is no meaning of “Success”; if “failure” does not exist.” – Invajy
  4. “Failure expands your learning curve required for success.” – Invajy
  5. “Failure is giving up and not trying further. Keep on trying to reach your goalis part of success.” – Invajy
  6. “Daring to fail is the beginning to success.” – Invajy
  7. “Never regret whatever happen in life , good things give you happiness and bad things give you learning… ” – Invajy
  8. “Happiness is not necessarily the absence of sufferings; it is the presence of peace of mind.” – Invajy
  9. Work hard, do your best and leave on god to do the rest.” – Invajy
  10. “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Invajy

Success Quotes by Invajy

  1. “The doors or success opens through the walls of hard work, dedication and perseverance.” – Invajy
  2. “When you reach at the peak of success and you have no one to celebrate along with, such success has not value.” – Invajy
  3. “The goal of life is peace of mind not money, as fish finds peace in water not in honey” – Invajy
  4. “Act and behave in way that people remember you in their blessings.” – Invajy
  5. Life is never smooth sailing all the way. A positive attitudehope and gratitude for what we have been blessed with are useful tools for overcoming our problems.” – Invajy
  6. “Be grateful for the things for which almighty has blessed you. “ –Invajy
  7. “The path to resilience goes through sufferings.” –Invajy
  8. “Having a sense of purpose and direction in life is an important source of resilience.” – Invajy
  9. “Resilience is developed through experience. You have to face tough situations and get knocked down in order to learn how to pick yourself back up.” – Invajy
  10. “Whenever life hammers you, bounce back with a smile.” – Invajy

Inspiring Invajy Quotes

  1. “Resilience is not a kind of trait that people are born with; it involves behaviors, mindset, thoughts, and actions that can be learned and developed in anyone.” – Invajy
  2. “Building resilience helps us cope better with the change.” – Invajy
  3. “Resilient people are able to view crisis situations in a realistic way, and then set reasonable goalsto deal with the challenges.” – Invajy
  4. “Achievements has no value, if you leave behind the people to celebrate with.” – Invajy
  5. “The worst part of life is when the person who gave you the best memories becomes a memory.” – Invajy
  6. “When you are confused and cannot conclude, follow your instincts.” – Invajy
  7. “Confusion is the mother of new learning.” – Invajy
  8. “Confusion shows something inside you is waiting to be explored and discovered.” – Invajy
  9. “People never realize how blessed are they, until they look around and notice the less privileged ones.” – Invajy
  10. Perseverance is the key to success. Never give up and keep making efforts. It’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.” – Invajy

Famous Invajy Quotes

  1. “One, who sees ‘difficulties’ as ‘challenges‘, never falls into depression.” – Invajy
  2. “Weight loss requires determination, consistency and hard work.” – Invajy
  3. “Workout till you feel that pain and soreness in muscles. This one is a good pain. No pain, no gain.” – Invajy
  4. “Work hard and train your body in a way that it becomes inspiration and competition for others.” – Invajy
  5. “Work hard and train your body in a way that it becomes inspiration and competition for others.” – Invajy
  6. “Loneliness is not a reality, it’s just a feeling. Convert it to SOLITUDE.” – Invajy
  7. “Alone is state of being or body, whereas loneliness is state of mind.” – Invajy
  8. “Being alone doesn’t necessarily cause loneliness. Many people feel lonely despite being in the constant presence of other people.” – Invajy
  9. “If you never share your feelings with anyone, you are bound to feel lonely.” – Invajy
  10. “Spend time with yourself to discover your inner beauty.” – Invajy

Invajy Quotes

  1. “Painting is a different world of emotions.” –Invajy
  2. “Painting is one of the best form of self-expression.” – Invajy
  3. “Painting is a visual language to communicate your feelings.” – Invajy
  4. “Narcissism is a powerful form of emotional abuse. This sophisticated emotional abuse tactic makes victims question their own sanity.” –Invajy
  5. “Narcissist try to convince you that in world no one other cares for your except him/her. The abuser may manipulate you to feel unlovable and not worthy resulting into cutting ties with friends and family.” – Invajy
  6. “Narcissists burn your sanity, erode your self-esteem, and make you doubt your own judgments and perceptions.” – Invajy
  7. “Narcissists are inherently manipulative, they gaslight you with such stealth as to make you feel that you are the one that’s letting them down.” – Invajy
  8. “Gaslighters deliberately play subtle mind games and psychological manipulations; which are carried out gradually in stages.” – Invajy
  9. “Addiction quitting is to stop feeding your addiction.” – Invajy
  10. “When you change your mindset; you see a new world all around you.” – Invajy

Best Invajy Quotes

  1. Learning the art of unlearning and replacing old learning with a new learning is the true learning.” – Invajy
  2. Accept the awful happenings of life; you will find the truths of life.” – Invajy
  3. “Good days are coming. I meant Saturday and Sunday.” – Invajy
  4. “Does it sound great to have three Saturdays in a week?” – Invajy
  5. “Saturday Mornings brings happiness along with it.” – Invajy
  6. “Saturday is for SOLITUDE. Spend time with YOU.” – Invajy
  7. “It’s Saturday, be kind to yourself.” –Invajy
  8. “Saturdays and Sundays bring feeling of contentment in life.” – Invajy
  9. “Time management has no place on Saturdays and Sundays.” – Invajy
  10. “Failing to fail will never give you the real joy and happiness of success” – Invajy

Motivational Quotes by Invajy

  1. “To find inner peace bring changes inside you, in turn things will changes around you.” – Invajy
  2. “Do not wait till Saturday to spend quality time along with family.” – Invajy
  3. Let go of the excess and try to find your true self.” – Invajy
  4. “Minimalism is doing more of what matters.” – Invajy
  5. “The only thing constant in this world is change.” – Invajy
  6. “Minimalism is a choice. Your life choices reflect your journey towards it.” – Invajy
  7. Gratitude shifts your mindset from the ‘state of lacking’ to the ‘state of abundance.’” – Invajy
  8. “Control what goes inside your mind and body to be mentally and physically fit.” – Invajy
  9. Meditation is a integral part of a healthy lifestyle.” – Invajy
  10. “Failures are foundation stones of the Success Forts” – Invajy

Invajy Quotes

  1. “To experience the magic of less, live a day as a minimalist and strive to only use things that serve a purpose.” – Invajy
  2. “Happiness lies in small small things of life. Small things and simple things make you happy.” – Invajy
  3. “The more has no ending. But, the less has.” – Invajy
  4. “Accepting the sufferings and experiencing them is the ultimate ‘truth-of-life’.” – Invajy
  5. “Spirituality is the light that dispels the darkness of material sense enjoyment.” – Invajy
  6. “Without immense pain and suffering, you cannot rise to greatness.” – Invajy
  7. “Accepting the truths of life and embracing the reality helps you move forward on spiritual journey.” – Invajy
  8. Forgiveness means you are not allowing them to stay anywhere in your mind.” – Invajy
  9. “Everyday can be sunny day but not Sunday.” – Invajy
  10. “It’s not all over, till you have the courage to comeback.” – Invajy

Invajy Inspiring Short Quotes

  1. “In life sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places” – Invajy
  2. “Peace is a meditation achieved through still mind.” – Invajy
  3. “The only thing constant in this world is change.” – Invajy
  4. “Money is important but not the only part of life.” – Invajy
  5. “What comes easy won’t last long, and what lasts long won’t come easy.” – Invajy
  6. “Every day can not be goody goody, but there is something goody in every day.” – Invajy
  7. “If you want to see the rainbow, be ready to face the rain first.” – Invajy
  8. “The LESS you need, the MORE you get.” – Invajy
  9. “A life without health is like a car without steering.” – Invajy
  10. “The comeback is always powerful than the failure.” – Invajy

Inspirational Invajy Quotes

  1. “One must move on in any situation of life. The time is not going to stop anyway.” – Invajy
  2. “You must take care of yourself first and if that difficult person does not get fit in your life, you should move on.” – Invajy
  3. “Life is a journey and while you move on, keep unloading your emotional baggage on the sides of roads. If you will not, this will get heavier and heavier and it will be difficult for you to move head in life.” – Invajy
  4. “Sometimes, difficult, narcissist and toxic people starts affecting your day to day life too much. It’s a time to remove them from your life completely and move on.” – Invajy
  5. “Relationships are all about trust in each other. When you have to become a detective, then it’s time to move on.” – Invajy
  6. Forgiveness is for yourself, understanding this will ease the path of let go.” – Invajy
  7. “Forgiveness is a conscious internal process and deliberate decision to let go the grudge towards individuals.” – Invajy
  8. “Forgiveness means to let go of hatred, instead of allowing it to eat at you.” – Invajy
  9. “Sunday is a day of reflection; to think about, meditate on, and evaluate your behaviors, thoughts, attitudes, motivations, and desires.” – Invajy
  10. “Many people earn money at the cost of health and fitness, and at later stage of life spend all that money on health issues.” – Invajy

Happiness Quotes by Invajy

  1. “Happiness is contagious, spread this among people surrounding you.” – Invajy
  2. “Happiness, search it in the outer world and you’ll be exhausted. Search it inside you’ll find a path.” – Invajy
  3. “Happiness walks step by step just right beside you; if you look at it mindfully.” – Invajy
  4. “Happiness is inversely correlated with desire.” – Invajy
  5. “When it rains, look for rainbows. When it’s dark, look for stars.” – Invajy
  6. “Happiness is acceptance” – Invajy
  7. “Happiness comes in waves. you will find it again.” – Invajy
  8. “Happiness is living in the present momentMindfulness makes you happier than ever before.” – Invajy
  9. “Happiness is an art of never holding memories of any unpleasant thing that has passed.” – Invajy
  10. “Happiness is not you get what you like. Happiness is you like what you get.” – Invajy

Invajy Quotes

  1. “Be your own boss to have freedom of Sunday everyday.” – Invajy
  2. “Recognizing and appreciating what you have in life brings happiness.” – Invajy
  3. “We are born with happiness, joy and fun; Why do we search it outside?” – Invajy
  4. “Sunday is a leisure day; when you can forget the responsibilities of your workplace and spend quality time along with family, friends and relatives.” – Invajy
  5. “Sunday set the tone for a productive and empowering week ahead.” – Invajy
  6. Travelling to Canada is enjoying beautiful landscapes, witnessing diverse culture and meeting unwaveringly polite people.” – Invajy
  7. “Canada is one of the most adorable countries in the world. Being there makes you feel different.”  – Invajy
  8. “Your skills and passion mingle when you be your own boss.” – Invajy
  9. “You can control your decisions, earnings and work hours by being your own boss.” – Invajy
  10. “Sitting in your office and just thinking that you would love to be your own boss won’t make you an entrepreneur. You need to take that first step.” – Invajy

Popular Invajy Quotes

  1. “For many money is wealth, for me health is wealth.” – Invajy
  2. “No one is perfect, to have long lasting relationship, one must have to compromise in life” – Invajy
  3. “You need to battle with fear of failure to achieve your goals in life.” – Invajy
  4. Trust goes out from the same door, from which the doubt comes in.” – Invajy
  5. “A great relationship is about two things: First, appreciating the similarities and second, respecting the differences.” – Invajy
  6. Running away from a problem only increases the distance from the solution.” – Invajy
  7. “Trust is fragile, don’t break it; once broken it will never come back in its original shape.” – Invajy
  8. “If relationship becomes too much painful, better to say NO and move ahead. Someone better is waiting for you.” – Invajy
  9. “Advice of a loser, experience of a winner and your own decisions will never let you fail in life.” – Invajy
  10. “Keep relations, which change your situations, not ones which itself gets changed according to situations.” – Invajy

Gratitude Quotes by Invajy

  1. “Don’t be quick with attitude, be quick with gratitude. Be grateful and say thanks for efforts and kindnesses of others.” – Invajy
  2. “Gratitude is an emotional muscle that grows and strengthen with intentional use.” – Invajy
  3. “Acknowledge the goodness in your life with a feeling of gratitude.” – Invajy
  4. “Today I choose to live with gratitude for the love that fills my heart, the peace that rests within my spirit, and the voice of hope that says all things are possible.” – Invajy
  5. “Gratitude brings satisfaction, inner peace, happiness and compassion in life” – Invajy
  6. “Practice gratitude to appreciate what you have in life instead of distressing what you lost.” – Invajy
  7. “Every moment, you will find something to be grateful for, every single moment.” – Invajy
  8. Start every morning with deliberate thinking and thanks giving to god for that you are alive. Everyday is a Thanksgiving Day !!!” – Invajy
  9. “Recognizing the things you have in life, no matter how small they are, say thanks for that.” – Invajy
  10. Be Grateful in life. Being grateful for what you have in life is a great way to develop peace of mind.” – Invajy

Invajy Quotes

  1. “Money is not god; but even not lesser than god.” – Invajy
  2. “I could not achieve many things in life which I desired, those failures became the foundation of today’s success.” – Invajy
  3. “Spend wisely in life. Always ensure that your cost of living is less than your own income..!” – Invajy
  4. “Start saving and investing early in the life. In due course of time you will see the magic of compounding.” – Invajy
  5. “This life is like a game for me and I am a expert player of this game.” – Invajy
  6. “Whatever challenges will come today, I am fully ready to face them.” – Invajy
  7. “The journey towards success begins with a most important step – just begin” – Invajy
  8. “The darkest night of Good Friday will be over and brightest morning of Easter Sunday will come. Never lose hope in life.” – Invajy
  9. “Good Friday and Easter teaches us the lessons of paradoxical unity, hope and optimism.” – Invajy
  10. “By sacrificing himself, Jesus carved the way for the entire humanity.” – Invajy

Week Day Quotes by Invajy

  1. “It’s a Monday morning; a new week, a new day and a new morning to start fresh and achieve your goals.” – Invajy
  2. “The mornings are always refreshing, Monday morning is more refreshing after a restful weekend.” – Invajy
  3. “Monday mornings are good, Saturday mornings are better and Sunday mornings are best in the week.” – Invajy
  4. “Monday is necessary for next Sunday (weekend) to come.” – Invajy
  5. “Tuesday troubles will vanish by Friday.” – Invajy
  6. “Wednesday is the hump day from where you can see the Friday.” – Invajy
  7. “Wednesday confuses me; whether I should move two steps forward or two steps backward for weekend.” – Invajy
  8. “Monday is such a wonderful day. You can start new leaving behind the past week disappointments.” – Invajy
  9. “Nothing is permanent including the obstacle you’re facing. It’s Monday. Get a new perspective and overcome that.” – Invajy
  10. “On Good Friday, the Good was crucified but afterward on Easter the Good arose back. Wait Good will always come back in your life.” – Invajy

Mindfulness Quotes by Invajy

  1. “You can celebrate everyday as Earth Day with little mindful efforts.” – Invajy
  2. “Mindfulness based self-care increases your self-awareness about your behavior, thoughts; physical and mental health issues.” – Invajy
  3. Mindful running is the medicine which throws out all the negativity from mind and body.” – Invajy
  4. “Like two swords can’t remain in same sheath; mindfulness and anxiety also can’t remain in same person. Live in the present moment.” – Invajy
  5. “Time is a Non Renewable Resource. Once it is gone, it is gone. You will never see this moment again.” – Invajy
  6. “To me, living in the present moment is true minimalism.” – Invajy
  7. “The bad thing is that the time is short… and the good thing is that there is still some time..” – Invajy
  8. “Don’t be afraid to try again; because the next beginning will not start from zero, but from the experience.” – Invajy
  9. “Shadow means light around” – Invajy
  10. “You always have two options, either sit and regret about failure or bounce back and overcome failurein life. Choice is yours.” –Invajy

Invajy Quotes

  1. “Jesus Christ died in immense pain and suffering, giving a message, without immense pain and suffering, you cannot rise to greatness.” – Invajy
  2. “Summer is time for beach vacations, and the beaches invite you with jazzing waves.” – Invajy
  3. “Summertime brings with it a sense of adventure and possibility.” – Invajy
  4. “Summers are the Time for Beaches, Watermelons and Nostalgia.” – Invajy
  5. “Summer is the time when whole family gathers and spends some quality time together.” – Invajy
  6. “You need to make changes in your lifestyle, thoughts and behavior to get the peace you deserve” – Invajy
  7. “Everyone can get rid of life’s negative influences and nurture peace of mind.” – Invajy
  8. “Master the art of acceptance and live a peaceful Life.” – Invajy
  9. “Good people surrounding you are the real achievements; not the possessions.” – Invajy
  10. “To reach this stage, where you are is a great achievement. You do not need certificates from others.” – Invajy

Short Quotes by Invajy

  1. “Nothing can be achieved in life without taking that first step, So just Start!.” – Invajy
  2. “Understand the worth of earth, treat it with care and give love it deserves.” – Invajy
  3. Mother earth has given so much to us. Should not we take care of her?” – Invajy
  4. “If the thread is in the right hand, then the lifeless birds of paper also fly” – Invajy
  5. “People are prisoners of their phone… that’s why it’s called a “cell phone.” – Invajy
  6. “Easter is the period of rebirth and renewal. It’s a time for self-introspect and change yourself to give a new life to YOU.” – Invajy
  7. “The emblematic meaning of crucifixion and resurrection is unlearn and learn new things in life.” – Invajy
  8. “Every day, we are reborn; celebrate Easter every day.” – Invajy
  9. “It’s Easter, let’s celebrate the reincarnation, renewal and rebirth.” – Invajy
  10. “Books are best friends; always spend time with them.” – Invajy

Invajy Deep Quotes

  1. “Easter is the time not only for chocolate bunnies and egg hunts but also for awakening and give rebirth to your inner self.” – Invajy
  2. “Easter teaches that takes only three days to resurrect. Today may be not a good day; Day after tomorrow will be a new beginning.” – Invajy
  3. “Hard work never go waste, It not today, it will give you a better tomorrow.” – Invajy
  4. “Don’t wait for others to bring the change. Be the change and bring the change.” – Invajy
  5. “Run, run and run….. the more your body cries out as a sweat, more physically and mentally fit you are.” – Invajy
  6. Waking up early in the morning and jogging for half an hour is all you need to overcome your mental health issues.” – Invajy
  7. “Running is all about positive frame of mindStay positive, work hard and make it happen.” – Invajy
  8. “Kindness is your soul’s basic nature, acknowledge it and be kind.” – Invajy
  9. “Without giving time to own body, mind and soul, no one possibly can become a successful person. Self-care is of utmost importance for every single person on this planet.” – Invajy
  10. “Marriage knots makes the relationships more committed and scarifying.” – Invajy

Inspirational Quotes by Invajy

  1. “The good things in life have become better with you. I hope these will turn out to be best as we spend more time together.” – Invajy
  2. “May the love and bonding we share become stronger, as we grow older together.”– Invajy
  3. “You and I are two wheels of our married life bicycle, without one the journey of life couldn’t have come to this milestone.” – Invajy
  4. “The journey to stronger muscles passes through sore muscles.” – Invajy
  5. “Physical fitness and mental fitness compliment each other. Your body is psychosomatic.” – Invajy
  6. “No one is too much busy. It’s all about importance you have in their life.” – Invajy
  7. “In your worst days; often you get the help from the one you never expected.”– Invajy
  8. Negative perception and wrong judgement astray a man in every relationships.”– Invajy
  9. “You can put your phone calls on hold… but not the relations.”– Invajy
  10. “Silence…it helps many relations to survive.” – Invajy

Motivational Quotes by Invajy

  1. “It’s surprising that people get annoyed with hearing the truth, not the lie.”– Invajy
  2. “If your voice is high, only a few people will hear. If your thought is high, then many people will listen.” – Invajy
  3. Lovecompassion and kindness are the foundation of happy life.” – Invajy
  4. “Neither past nor future; Life is the present moment, live it at the fullest.” – Invajy
  5. “Time is not renewable; once it’s gone – it’s gone. Use it with a purpose.” – Invajy
  6. “To be more productive, put on your thinking cap and ask – Is there any better way to do it?” – Invajy
  7. “Productivity is sum product of hard work, discipline and intelligence.” – Invajy
  8. “Being productive does not mean to be busy.” – Invajy
  9. “Continual improvement in the existing way of working is the key to enhance productivity.” – Invajy
  10. “Every human being is trustworthy, until and unless he proves it otherwise.” – Invajy

Inspiring Quotes by Invajy

  1. “A relationship without trust is like a car without fuel, it can’t move ahead.” – Invajy
  2. “If you are a real human being, never break promises, trust and heart in your relationships.” – Invajy
  3. “Money is powerful than trust most of the times.” – Invajy
  4. “Trust takes many years to build, few seconds to break, and forever to repair.” – Invajy
  5. “Trust begins with faith; not with blind faith.” – Invajy
  6. “Trust is the foundation on which buildings of all relationships are built.” – Invajy
  7. Communication and trust are backbones of any relationship that will last for lifetime” – Invajy
  8. “There is no medicine in this world to recover from the damage done by the failure of trust in relationship” – Invajy
  9. “Never stop trusting people just because someone has broken your faith, in this journey of trust building if you find one trustworthy friend, you life will be full of confidence.” – Invajy
  10. “Trust begins with yourself, Trust yourself first and you will start trusting others in life.” – Invajy

Invajy Quotes

  1. “By forgiving you don’t forgive the person who did something wrong but you forgive yourself. Yes, you read it correctly. You forgive yourself.” – Invajy
  2. “Mastering the art of forgiveness plays a crucial role in happiness and quality of your life.” – Invajy
  3. “Developing empathy is a necessary and important step in forgiveness.” – Invajy
  4. “Forgiveness means to let go of hatred, instead of allowing it to eat at you.” – Invajy
  5. “Forgiveness is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. If you can’t learn to forgive, you can forget about achieving true success in your life.” – Invajy
  6. “The whole world survives on hope.” – Invajy
  7. “To maintain good relationships, one must keep checking emotional bank account” – Invajy
  8. “Don’t be too much possessive in relationship, it will ruin the entire connection.” – Invajy
  9. “In true relationship, mistakes can be forgiven not the trickery.” – Invajy
  10. “Self Help Books have the power to take off you from mental health issues.” – Invajy

More Invajy Quotes

  1. “Never stop communication, misunderstandings can be cleared only when you have a word with each other” – Invajy
  2. “Relationships are built on the foundation of love, trust and understanding.” – Invajy
  3. “The best things are learnt during the worst days of your life. Get up and see what new learning you had on a bad day.” – Invajy
  4. “Start your day with doing good things for other, your day will become bound to be good.” – Invajy
  5. “The road to success is always paved with failures” – Invajy
  6. “Listen and listen difficult people carefully with a nonjudgmental attitude.” – Invajy
  7. “Goals must stretch and test your cognitive skills for results achievement.” – Invajy
  8. “Get serious about setting goals to understand the power of goal setting” – Invajy
  9. “All of life’s happiness comes from achieving goals.” – Invajy
  10. “Setting goals and achieving them helps individuals improve their self-confidence and self-esteem” – Invajy

Quotes by Invajy

  1. “Living a life without goals is you are on a ship in a deep sea and don’t have compass. Your ship will move on but you do not know where you are going.” – Invajy
  2. “Life is short, fragile and does not wait for anyone. There will NEVER be a perfect time to pursue your dreams and goals. ” – Invajy
  3. “Mother is the person who ranks herself after you in everything” – Invajy
  4. “If you feel things are not going right, remember your mother, you will get the inner strength.” – Invajy
  5. “A mother understands everything, even if child does not say anything” – Invajy
  6. “A grandmother is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend. Wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day !!!” – Invajy
  7. “It is not happy people who are grateful; it is grateful people who are happy.” – Invajy
  8. “Where there is a family, there is sacrifices, happiness and love for others.” – Invajy
  9. “Family members are the relations where life begins and love never ends.” – Invajy
  10. “Even if you don’t have time to read the full book, ensure to glance through” – Invajy

Good Lines by Invajy

  1. “For happiness in life behave with your family members like a friend and your friends like a family.” – Invajy
  2. “Children get values, principles and etiquettes  from their family. Ensure to nurture good ones.” – Invajy
  3. “Being worthy is not something you earn. It is something you recognize and believe in.” – Invajy
  4. “Your worth is not a product of your appearance, your intelligence, your talent or how successful are you.” – Invajy
  5. “The biggest success factor in life is self-esteem: believing you deserve it, believing you can do it and believing you will achieve it.” – Invajy
  6. “When I speak of self-confidence, I am not talking about blind arrogance. Further, those that people who are over confident fall into yet another category.” – Invajy
  7. “Confidence does not come through genes.” – Invajy
  8. “Making a positive difference in other people’s lives increases your self-confidence and sense of purpose.” – Invajy
  9. “Let your actions be louder than your words and your dreams bigger than your fears.” – Invajy
  10. “There is no age for learning, never stop reading books throughout life.” – Invajy

Unique Quotes of Invajy

  1. “Always nurture your inner childhood dreams, life will become beautiful.” – Invajy
  2. “Dream big, it’s the first step to success, making goals come second.” – Invajy
  3. “Always dare to dream. For as long as there’s a dream, there is hope, and as long as there is hope, there is joy in living.” – Invajy
  4. “Dare to dream big, living without dreams is like body without soul” – Invajy
  5. “Today’s realities are yesterday’s dreams come true.” – Invajy
  6. “Doing what you believe in, and going after your dreams will only result in success.” – Invajy
  7. “Be brave, fight for what you believe in and make your dreams a reality.” – Invajy
  8. “If you don’t dream, you won’t die, but even you won’t be alive without them.” – Invajy
  9. “Nurturing and Living your dream is the most thrilling adventure of life.” – Invajy
  10. “Dream, for the day when dream will come true. Take another dream, when the dream comes true.” – Invajy

New Invajy Quotes

  1. “When you travel alone, you get the opportunity to meet yourself.” – Invajy
  2. “Solo Travelling fulfils the need for solitude.” – Invajy
  3. “Traveling allows you to explore different versions of yourself.” – Invajy
  4. “The road to success is always paved with failures” – Invajy
  5. “Fall ten times and stand up eleven.” – Invajy
  6. “To get something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” – Invajy
  7. “Running away from a problem only increases the distance from the solution.” – Invajy
  8. “Life brings continuous improvements. Learn and past and today be a better person than yesterday.” – Invajy
  9. “If you have to introduce yourself then understand that success is still far away.” – Invajy
  10. “Mistakes don’t make relationships as weak as misunderstandings.” – Invajy

Invajy Quotes

  1. “It does not matter how strong your vocabulary is, It’s all vain if your words can’t make happy anyone.” – Invajy
  2. “A real friend is one who believes in you, even if you yourself have stopped to believe in you.” – Invajy
  3. ” True friend understands you better than you understand yourself” – Invajy
  4. “A true friend is one who stands by you; when he should have been somewhere else.” – Invajy
  5. “A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.” – Invajy
  6. “Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.” – Invajy
  7. “Great leaders delegate and nurture future leaders.” – Invajy
  8. “Taking responsibility of failure and giving credit of success to others is biggest quality of leaders.” – Invajy
  9. “A leader should be able to foresee crisis situations and be proactive” – Invajy
  10. “Inner strength is measured by what we can bear and how long” – Invajy
  11. “Strength lies within you, only you can help yourself.” – Invajy
  12. “The task ahead of you is never greater than your own height.” – Invajy
  13. “Inner Strength can break any inertia and take you out of comfort zone.” – Invajy
  14. “If you are a badass, you will always have last laugh.” – Invajy
  15. “What did you think? I would not comeback? See I am back.” –Invajy

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